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Job Description
Position Description: Community Home Manager/LPN 
FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt
Reports To: Program Supervisor
Created: February 25, 2014 
Job Summary

Responsible for all the operations of the community home(s) under the general direction of the Program Supervisor with additional nursing responsibilities as assigned.
Essential Job Functions

  • Oversee the work performance of all direct care staff and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
                    o    Develop staff schedule and publish 
                    o    Collect, assimilate, approve and submit all appropriate documentation for payroll processing
                    o    Complete annual performance evaluation
                    o    Ensure that all policies, rules and regulations are followed and establish resolution including administration of discipline,         corrections and reinforcements as required
                    o    Conduct staff meetings with direct care staff and provide training when necessary
  • Responsible for the health and welfare of the individual(s) served
               o    Schedule all medical appointments
               o    Advocate individual’s served rights when appropriate
               o    Schedule individual’s served activities
               o    Ensure fire and evacuation procedures are up to date and train accordingly
               o    Enhance the quality of life for clients

  • Participate in selection and placement of new staff
  • Oversee all care and maintenance of the buildings and grounds for the community home
  • Schedule and make certain vehicle maintenance is completed
  • Responsible for the overall financial success of community home(s)
              o    Maintain finances within assigned budget
              o    Process all invoices and submit to home office in timely manner
              o    Keep overtime to a minimum
              o    Ensure all house inventories (food, supplies, clothing) are complete and proper amounts are available as needed
              o    Make certain all efforts are made to maintain responsible utility, repair, and transportation expenses
  • Be in compliance with standards for annual survey
  • Prepare and submit any and all required documents in a timely manner (i.e. program notes, invoices/bills, state required documents, payroll, individual(s) served financial information)
  •  Oversee individual(s) served finances and ensure all policies and procedures are followed in the administration of such
  • Maintain relationship with individual’s served family and work to ensure best outcome for client
  • Serve as a role model for both individual(s) served and staff
  • Follow and enforce all policies and procedures of Evergreen and federal and state agencies.
  • Contribute to and actively participate in the planning and actualization of daily projects
  • Update the applicable staff regarding health related problems of the individual(s) served; discuss reason for treatments, medications, etc. with the staff as needed.
  • Assist in educating all staff so they may better understand conditions of the individual served.
  •  Assess individual(s) served health needs ongoing and situations that have potential to cause problematic health issues. Record findings on all appropriate nurse notes each shift.  
  • Assist with medical QA checks upon request.
  • Attend team meetings as requested. 
  • Monitor and provide reports of seizures to the RN.  Assist in seizure data gathering as applicable.
  •   Serve as the Liaison nurse for the individual served, assisting the RN in making nursing decisions and judgments.  
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and utilizes infection control procedures.
  •  Communicate with physicians as needed regarding health related issues.
  •   Accompany individual(s) served to physician visits; obtain and provide needed information; route orders back to the RN immediately after all visit.  
  • Review and maintain all incoming physician orders in the chart.  Communicate any/all new orders to the oncoming shift nurse, i.e., give a shift to shift report to the oncoming nurse. 
  •  Administer all medications according to best practice guidelines, adhering to CMA protocols for Medication administration. 
  • Provide tube feeding treatments and other skilled nursing treatments such as wound care, respiratory treatments, etc for the individual served.  Follow MAR and physician orders. 
  •  Review the quality and quantity of health-related documentation upon arrival to the work site, assuring that the previous shift nurse has documented properly and alerting the RN  if there are deficiencies in any nurse’s documentation.
  • Generate and route incident reports to Evergreen management as needed.  
  • Compile medication error reports and route to the RN no later than the next day following incident. 
  •  File health related documents in the individual served health records in the home.
  • Route all expired and discontinued medications to the appropriate person for disposal.   
  • Assist with reviewing and double-checking the MARS at the beginning of the month, checking for corrections, placing reasons for meds, times and other pertinent information on the MAR., etc.
  • Obtain and record monthly weights and daily vital signs if indicated. 
  • Assist in the gathering of data for the annual risk assessment.
  • Maintain all medical information in the file in an organized manner. 
  • Reorder all creams, topical and powders from the pharmacist as needed. 
  • Assist individual served with medication and treatment plans as needed

Qualifications/Experience/Job Knowledge

  • Education: High school diploma or G.E.D; college degree preferred
  • At least three (3) years direct support experience; some supervisory experience
  • Ability to communicate both in written and oral form
  • Good organizational skills with eye for details
  • Must be a graduate of an approved Licensed Practical Nursing Program
  •  Minimum of one-year clinically relevant experience required.  Experience working with elderly, or intellectually disabled individuals preferred.
  • Must have knowledge of and technical skills of medical nursing procedures, first aid and basic principles of nursing.
  • Working knowledge of Windows 7, Office 2010 applications. Aptitude to learn other software programs as required for this position.
 Physical Requirements

  • Constantly moves about to coordinate work
  • Regularly works in fast pace environment with multiple task deadlines
  • Regularly moves and positions objects weighing up to 50 pounds 
  • Occasionally exposed to viruses and infectious conditions
  • Constantly alert and observant during working hours
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities or a medical condition to perform the essential functions.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Will supervise
Special Requirements

  • May be required to attend seminar or job-related training courses.
  •  Must have understanding, patience, and tact in dealing with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Must have the ability to maintain good working relationships with Evergreen staff and with contacts from other agencies or entities.
  •  Must be able to prioritize work tasks.
Employment Variables 
Must have a good driving record which meets the minimum requirements for Evergreen and reliable transportation. Must pass drug screen and criminal background check. May be asked to work some evenings when required.
Working Environment

May be required to work in a variety of settings and environments both indoors and outdoors. 

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